Holiday in Marocco
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Visiting Marrakech
On day five, we travel to the biggest of the royal cities, Marrakech, the pink capital of the south. The journey passes the foot of the mountains of the high atlas. Marrakech is magical with its immense soeks and a medina of thousand year old, with its Jmaa el-Fna, a square where young and old crowd together everyday to enjoy storytellers, quack doctors and jugglers. In the veins of Marrakech flows the blood of Africa. Fes is Arabic, Marrakech is much more African, much less modest. A course through the markets, along tombs and parks is one of the highlights of the journey. A sunset over the pink city is almost a mystic experience, with on the background the snowy mountain peaks, a deep blue desert sky above you and the sounds of swallows and mosques.

The pink houses of Marrakech

The roofs of Marrakech

Storks again!

Courtyard with nice ornaments

Tourists everywhere!

The busy streets of Marrakech

Traditional pottery

Marrocan clothing and leather

Dinner at the Jmaa el-Fna

The zoo of Marrakech

My parents

Flying back to Holland

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