My MSc. presentation page

On the 30th of October I held my MSc. presentation. The location was room T4 in the Electrotechnical Engineering building of the university of Twente. I concluded the presentation with a party in the "Tombe", a small pub in the basement of the same building. On this page, you can find some pictures of this event!
Well, that's me!
The sheets
The visitors
Listen carefully, I will only say this once!
From left to right: Martijn, Wouter, Martine, Frank, Ton (my father) and Sjors.
From left to right: Merijn, Bouke, Marten, Tessa and Meike (my sister).
The demonstrations
You can see the camera system I used for my MSc. assignment in the right picture.
And finally... the party!
In the left picture, you can find my family, Merijn and some band members (the Groove Phenomenon). In the right picture are again some band members...
Getting presents from inmates. On the right: Merijn and Marten (Aegee-Enschede).
Peter and me before a beer. In the right picture, Bouke after a few beers...
Well, that's about it! It really was a great day. Thanks everybody for joining the presentation and party... (and thanks Niels for making the pictures... ;-)
Bring me back!!!