This page describes my visit to the "19th eleven-city old-timer tour" on May 22nd 2004. My father played in Dokkum with his bigband called The Northern Swingband. Dokkum is a small city of 14.500 inhabitants in the northern parts of the Netherlands.

Besides listening to the band and watching the beautiful old-timers, I found some time to make a few photographs...

The bigband

The Northern swingband

The saxophone section (my father is in the red coat)

The cars

The motors

Even some Harley Davidsons could be found!

An old-fashioned "Wegenwacht" (on-road repair service) van including a mechanic in original suit. The motercycle had starting problems.

The movies
  • The bigband

  • A jeep from WWII driving away

  • Motorcycle engine sound

  • Harley Davidson engine sound

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