Pandemonium sailing camp

I attended the Pandemonium sailing camp in Idskenhuizen (April 30th to May 2nd). Idskenhuizen is a very small village in Friesland, the northern part of the Netherlands. Despite bad weather predictions, the weather turned out to be great. On Saturday it was very hot and there was much sun. On Sunday the sky was clouded, but it didn't rain at all! Both days there was more than enough wind for sportive sailing...

The photos

Our marina. The group had five "Valk" boats at its disposal.

This was our boat, called "The disaster boat". Don't ask why. Marten (in front) was the captain.

Our charming crew: Sabine, Hanneke and Sanne.

Our sailing competitors

Even more competitors... ;-)

Our hostel where we could play games and have some night rest...

Having a very good diner!

The group photo
Have a look at the group photo!

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